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“Did you watch the game last night?” I asked one of my first-grade classmates as we cleaned our classroom chalkboard.  It was April 27, 1988 and I had spent the previous night watching the New … [Read More...]

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Comerica Park

May 28, 2004: Detroit, Michigan September 28, 2003, the final day of the 2003 Major League Baseball regular season: ESPN cut away from regularly scheduled programming to bring its audience the … [Read More...]

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Ballpark Nerd Rank: 17 Opened: 2000 Capacity: 41,574 2018 Schedule and Promotions Seating Chart, Ticket Prices & Ballpark Nerd Recommendations Infield Box sections 120-135 … [Read More...]

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#8 – Dodger Stadium – 1 game attended

The largest ballpark in terms of capacity, Dodger Stadium is also the cleanest. Chavez Ravine drew the Dodgers away from Brooklyn and it remains beautiful to this day thanks to the full time grounds … [Read More...]

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