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“Did you watch the game last night?” I asked one of my first-grade classmates as we cleaned our classroom chalkboard.  It was April 27, 1988 and I had spent the previous night watching the New … [Read More...]

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Busch Stadium III

St. Louis, Missouri May 26, 2007 Having visited Busch Stadium II during its final season in 2005 it would be only a matter of time before Mike and I made a return to the Gateway City for another … [Read More...]

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Ballpark Nerd Rank: 7 Opened: 2000 Capacity: 41,915 2017 Schedule and Promotions Seating Chart, Ticket Prices & Ballpark Nerd Recommendations View Box sections 302-324 View … [Read More...]

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#25 – US Cellular Field – 2 games attended

The last ballpark built before the retro-classic revolution U.S. Cellular Field opened to poor reviews and a 16-0 loss to the Tigers in 1991. The White Sox have since refurbished The Cell by removing … [Read More...]

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