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“Did you watch the game last night?” I asked one of my first-grade classmates as we cleaned our classroom chalkboard.  It was April 27, 1988 and I had spent the previous night watching the New … [Read More...]

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Progressive Field

September 17, 2004: Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland, Ohio was the second leg of our Midwestern Ballpark tour. Mike and I drove from Cincinnati on a rainy Friday afternoon. We were worried that the 7:10 … [Read More...]

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Ballpark Nerd Rank: 19 Opened: 2006 Capacity: 43,975 2018 Schedule and Promotions Seating Chart, Ticket Prices & Ballpark Nerd Recommendations Infield Pavilion sections 341-346 … [Read More...]

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#23 – Marlins Park – 1 game attended

Few ballparks embody their surroundings as well as Marlins Park. Its’ contemporary architecture and retractable roof design break away from the retro-style of previous ballparks. Build on the site of … [Read More...]

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